PrimeWay Federal Credit Union launches LifeSteps™ Wallet

A mobile banking enhancement app from CU Solutions Group

LIVONIA, MI (April 11, 2018) — Today, CU Solutions Group (CUSG) and PrimeWay Federal Credit Union announced that the credit union now offers LifeSteps Wallet, a highly secure and feature-rich mobile app, to help simplify their members’ lives and save them money.

LifeSteps Wallet is an example of CUSG and PrimeWay investing in a truly different mobile banking strategy that focuses on members’ highest-priority mobile buying needs.

“CU Solutions Group looks forward to working with PrimeWay Federal Credit Union’s team on the implementation of LifeSteps Wallet,” said Dave Adams, president and CEO of CU Solutions Group. “This credit union is known to be an innovator in how it uses technology to enhance member experience with the core credit union offerings. It is our desire to create a community of progressive credit union leaders who want to deliver cutting-edge mobile banking solutions.

“The LifeSteps Wallet enhancement suite keeps credit unions’ financial services top of mind. Leveraging CUSG’s technology and marketing expertise, credit unions like PrimeWay can differentiate their mobile banking offerings from the competition with the features found in LifeSteps Wallet,” said Adams.

The functionality and features of PrimeWay’s new LifeSteps Wallet app include:

  • Mobile Operating System Options: iOS and Android
  • Credit Union Services: Access mobile banking, send and receive money, apply for loans, find nearby ATMs and more
  • Shopping: Find exclusive deals, access national brand discounts, securely store receipts and loyalty cards, book travel at considerable savings and more
  • Auto: Research and finance new and used vehicles, store maintenance records, evaluate a used vehicle, get on-demand roadside assistance and more
  • Home: Search for-sale and rental listings, find trusted contractors, track repair invoices, find insurance and more

“PrimeWay has always been focused on providing members greater value,” said PrimeWay’s Chief Marketing Officer Michelle Oshinski. “In today’s world, that is more and more difficult.  LifeSteps Wallet serves not only as an access point for members to retrieve account information, but as a savings portal for their day-to-day lives.  By providing a convenient means to save, we can help members extend their disposable income without negatively impacting the organization’s cost of funds or loan yield.”

LifeSteps Wallet is affordable and works with any mobile banking platform on the market. Even if a credit union changes its mobile banking provider, LifeSteps Wallet will continue to deliver a consistent mobile experience for members.

In a recent CEO Connect video, CUSG CEO Dave Adams delivers new mobile banking insights that explains why CU Solutions Group is so passionate about pursuing advancements in the technology. For more information on LifeSteps Wallet, or to schedule a demonstration, visit

About CU Solutions Group

Headquartered in Livonia, Mich., CU Solutions Group is an award-winning credit union service organization that offers products and services in the areas of technology, marketing, HR performance and strategic advisory. The organization is home to national credit union—focused brands including Love My Credit Union Rewards, Save to Win, MemberXP, CUBE TV Studios, Compease and Performance Pro. The company has more than 100 investors comprised of credit unions, credit union leagues and credit union system organizations and maintains strategic partnerships with Intuit TurboTax®, GSTV and CU Risk Intelligence. For more information, visit

About PrimeWay Federal Credit Union

PrimeWay Federal Credit Union serves the greater Houston area including Harris, Fort Bend and Washington counties. Since 1937, PrimeWay has focused on providing exceptional products and service.  Offering a full suite of consumer and specialized products for small business, the credit union continues to improve technology and benefits for its growing membership base.


Nick Olexa, Vice President of Marketing, CU Solutions Group

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