TMG among first group service providers to implement debit EMV

DES MOINES, IA (August 27, 2015) — TMG (The Members Group) is among the first group service providers in the U.S. to issue and complete live testing with EMV chip debit cards. The payments processor began testing the U.S. common application identifier (AID) in April of this year and has partnered with multiple pilot clients nationally to issue and successfully execute in-market transactions using EMV chip debit cards.

Additionally, TMG has begun the process of migrating mag-stripe debit cards to EMV chip debit cards and expects more than 30 percent of its clients to complete the transition by the end of 2015. Today, more than 60 percent of the company’s clients are certified to issue EMV chip debit cards on the First Data debit processing platform.

“The financial institution clients that partner with TMG do so because of our proven experience and early-to-market proficiency,” said TMG CEO Shazia Manus. “Instrumental to implementing the nation’s first credit union-issued EMV chip credit card, and the first CUSO to go live with Apple Pay, TMG is comfortable acting as an industry pacesetter. Financial institutions rely on that expertise now more than ever because they can see how the payments evolution – in everything from EMV to biometrics – has a direct impact on the overall consumer experience.”

On the credit side of the coin, nearly 98 percent of TMG’s issuer clients have completed or initiated EMV migration. TMG began assisting credit-card issuing clients with EMV conversions in 2010 and rolled out its first EMV chip credit card alongside a client that same year. Since then, the processor has developed a simple, expedited conversion process for clients implementing EMV for both credit and debit portfolios. While TMG’s credit EMV migration was rolled out in waves, debit EMV migration will take a more customized path.

“Every client’s setup is unique,” said Chole Casber, TMG product manager and leader of TMG’s debit EMV migration team. “That’s why we are taking a per-client, custom approach. This will ensure each issuer is given a roadmap appropriate for their vendors, including core processors and PIN networks.”

Casber, a member of the EMV Migration Forum’s EMV workgroup to support debit and credit EMV instant issuance, hosts a monthly forum for TMG clients. During the forum, he breaks down the complexities of EMV debit migration and makes recommendations for smooth, timely EMV debit projects.

“Given the reported lack of readiness among merchants, acquirers and PIN networks to accept and properly route EMV debit transactions, issuers are confused about the right time to start a debit portfolio migration,” said Casber. “It’s our privilege to guide our clients through the process, help them develop the right strategy and leverage our team’s expertise to ensure they have all pieces of the puzzle in place for an effective and efficient transition.”

The vast majority (95 percent) of TMG’s clients have chosen to provide their cardholders with dual-interface EMV chip credit cards, which support both contact and contactless transactions. TMG expects the same will be true for those migrating debit portfolios.

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