Zipwhip signs more than 50 credit union customers in Q1 2018

SEATTLE, WA (May 2, 2018) — Zipwhip observed its largest growth in the credit union space last quarter, signing over 50 new credit union customers in Q1 alone.

Financial institutions who have seen an increase in their members’ demand to communicate through their desired avenue of communication, SMS and MMS texting, have partnered with Zipwhip, the leader in cloud text messaging solutions in the financial space, resulting in tremendous enhancements in member engagement.

“Zipwhip allows members to respond to us more quickly and with their preferred channel”, says Dana Eaton, VP of Marketing and Member Services at Pacific NW Federal Credit Union, “Being able to text to our existing landlines, and to our loan officers directly, is a huge convenience for us and our members”

Institutions have recognized the oversaturation of emails and phone calls, which are becoming progressively ineffective resources to contact members. More and more credit unions are pivoting to provide the desired channels of communication for them.

Commodore Perry FCU’s CEO Mike Barr comments, “Texting has become a preferred choice of communication for so many people, it only makes sense for us to use text-based communication.  Since partnering with Zipwhip, we have seen very positive response times from members who previously hadn’t returned calls, both in trying to collect payments and in collecting additional information to complete loan applications.  It’s not just preferred by the member, it’s also a more efficient way for us to communicate by eliminating the classic ‘phone-tag’ scenario.”.

Zipwhip’s robust and easy-to-use platform relieves hesitation regarding the usage of text messaging in a compliant manner by providing features that address TCPA requirements in the financial space, allowing institutions to take advantage of the convenience of SMS and MMS in a responsible manner. With a host of integrations and more partnerships set to arrive later in 2018, Zipwhip continues to build upon its reputation as the premier text messaging provider for credit unions.

About Zipwhip

Zipwhip's makes texting with credit unions as natural as it is with family and friends. We imagine a future where voicemail and never-ending games of phone tag are history. We're dedicated to making that a reality. Zipwhip serves over 200 credit unions of all asset sizes across the US.


Jonathan Kim

Account Executive


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