Prevent huge volumes of cash from being “jackpotted” out of your ATMs

Reports are flooding in that costly ATM jackpotting schemes have begun to spike – and will continue to spike – across the nation. We have already received a few reports of these attempts among our own client base. To make matters worse, the threat does not appear to be isolated to a specific ATM manufacturer or a specific region of the country.

Expert journalist Brian Krebs recently posted the following update about these attacks:

ATM “jackpotting” — a sophisticated crime in which thieves install malicious software and/or hardware at ATMs that forces the machines to spit out huge volumes of cash on demand — has long been a threat for banks in Europe and Asia, yet these attacks somehow have eluded U.S. ATM operators. But all that changed this week after the U.S. Secret Service quietly began warning financial institutions that jackpotting attacks have now been spotted targeting cash machines here in the United States.i

The thousands – or even millions – of dollars inside your ATMs are at risk of being taken if you do not act fast to prevent these attacks! Take measures IMMEDIATELY to detect & prevent these ATM jackpotting attempts.


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