Preventing cybersecurity threats in a hybrid workforce

As we near the end of the pandemic, 65% of workers have stated a desire for more in-person communication with their teams. On the other hand, 73% of workers want their flexible work options to continue. So, companies are  faced with the challenge of balancing office and remote work, and unfortunately, with increased remote work comes a heightened risk for cybersecurity threats.

According to Microsoft, 76% of companies have already implemented a hybrid-work model where employees can work from the office or home as they see fit. But with an increased risk of phishing scams, cyber attacks, and other cybersecurity threats, companies need to tighten their cybersecurity to ensure the safety of their employees’ and their businesses’ personal data.

Keep reading to learn which cybersecurity threats and challenges to look out for and how to manage them as your business adapts to a hybrid workforce.


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