Purposeful Talent Development: Building teams to meet today’s demands

Action steps to bring people together to perform at a high level.

As organizations have adapted to changes in the world, we’ve adjusted how we conduct business to serve our members. This includes how we interact in a virtual space, what services we offer and how we promote them to members. The changes being made require staff to have new knowledge and skills so they can both meet members’ needs and achieve organizational goals. These changes also require supporting changes in how our teams function and collaborate.

Many teams place a strong focus on operational education that supports individual roles or functional skills—and forego team collaboration and development. In 2020, Brandon Hall Group’s team development survey found that in the next couple of years, 62% of respondents expect a moderate or major increase in how much work is accomplished through teams. Teams will play a critical role in the future of work, and we need to remember that teamwork requires more than simply selecting talented individuals.

For a team to be successful today, it must be more than your standard definition—a group of individuals working together to achieve a goal. The team of today consists of individuals with complementary skills working together to create an inclusive environment in which collaboration, inquiry and action help achieve results.


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