Purposeful Talent Development: Do your talent development initiatives support your diversity and inclusion efforts?

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If I asked the question, “How do your talent development initiatives impact your diversity and inclusion efforts?” how would you respond? Would you go to the list of courses that you offer or resources you have available on how to better understand and leverage diversity within your credit union? Or would you be able to show me how your leaders and staff implement diversity and inclusion into their work?

Diversity and inclusion has been on the initiative list for organizations going on two decades now. In this time, we have worked to use education to support our efforts. But the question remains, are we taking steps that make an impact?

Most organizations are offering education, providing resources and hopefully guidance for individuals to understand what diversity is, how it benefits a team or the organization, and why diversity is different than inclusion. But if talent development initiatives are not integrated into this process, we are simply sharing knowledge, not impacting outcomes.


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