Purposeful Talent Development: Future proofing the workforce is not just technical

Skills we need going forward also include collaboration, emotional intelligence, critical thinking and leadership.

The need to future proof our workforce through talent development is not a new concept. We’ve experienced change in the workplace over and over in the last 100+ years. However, learning from the past, we are now more aware of the need to future proof our organizations, and are taking proactive steps to avoid being left behind.

Asked what competencies or skills are needed to future proof our workforce, we tend to answer with technology. We talk about data science, digital literacy, machine learning, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. These definitely are some of the skills of the future, but they are not the only ones. In this ever-changing world, future proofing our workforce includes a mix of technical, industry, professional and leadership skills.

To balance the scales on talking about future skills, let’s take a look at those that fall within the professional or leadership categories.


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