Purposeful Talent Development: Know why you’re doing things

When you and your team define your purpose, you’ll be more engaged, more connected to each other and more aligned with your credit union’s strategy.

The word “purpose” has taken center stage in this Purposeful Talent Development blog series since it began in 2018. The way we work, communicate and develop talent has shifted a bit since then, but one constant remains: the importance of our work being driven by purpose.

Purpose (n) is defined as “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists”.
Purpose (v) is defined as “have one’s intention or objective.” 

To be honest, purpose is important to me and that is the reason it sits within the title of this blog every month. When you know and show your purpose you share your intent. Purpose connects us to our individual values, helping to strengthen our engagement and build relationships with others. For a team, purpose can enhance drive, commitment and dedication—or offer a goal or target for achievement. Organizationally, purpose can drive engagement as employees can feel inspired and energized by organizational purpose. In this way, purpose can provide a vision or path through uncertainty.

The credit union industry has always had a clear and strong purpose: to serve members. It is, however, valuable for each individual credit union to identify a purpose all its own. Even project teams should define their purpose, especially those associated with a change. As change occurs, at any level, purpose provides direction, rationale and even guidance.


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