Purposeful Talent Development: Prepare for the coming challenges of 2022

Everyone benefits when leaders effectively respond to the big shifts in the relationship between employees and employers.

The pandemic and societal pressures have disrupted workplaces and more specifically, the relationship between employees and employers. This begs the question: What further changes can human resources and talent and development leaders anticipate amid the uncertainties of a disrupted world?

Workers Are Unique Individuals and No Longer Plentiful

With 2022 just a few days away, it is important to explore what trends are projected to impact our workplaces and human capital—and by extension, talent development. So many organizations continue to treat workers as commodities—eliminating investment in their people because it’s seen as an unnecessary cost. This has long-term consequences that may be hard to undo, especially in an era of such uncertainty.

In fact, a recent poll by Prudential indicates that one of the primary drivers for employees planning on exiting their organization over the next few months is there not being enough growth opportunities. Employees expressed feeling overlooked and underutilized. Based on these results, the pandemic seems to have allowed for retrospection and the courage to find more rewarding work. Thus, if retaining employees is of great importance to an organization, leaders need to be willing to pivot to the needs of ever-changing employee demands.


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