Qualman: Find value in three seconds

Craft a message that captures members’ attention.

Do you know how to craft a message that will capture your members’ attention?

The key, says digital leadership expert Erik Qualman, is to make people understand why that nugget of information is important to them.

“Attention spans are shrinking from 12 seconds to seven seconds, which is less than a goldfish,” says Qualman. “The No. 1 thing we need to do—which is hard—is to take the perspective of the recipient, or the viewer.”

Many organizations brag about why they’re great and what they do well.

And while this isn’t necessarily the wrong approach, an era of short attention spans requires companies to craft their message, share its meaning, and present it in a way that shows the end user that the information—or the credit union—can benefit them in their pursuit of financial goals.


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