Quit The Blame Game: Look in the Mirror

Each day I spend about 30 minutes to an hour looking for content relevant to credit unions, marketing, and success. I try to find cool and unique content to share with the YMC team and our credit union clients. Some of it is inspirational, and some is just plain cool. I was taking the time to read through a few of the blogs I subscribe to and suddenly I got punched in the gut! My great day was turned upside down. I read this by Peter Shankman. (You can read more about Peter here.)

Shankman was writing about his weight loss and his eventual weight gain and the realization that where he was today was in fact his fault. The most compelling quote from Shankman is; “Once you realize that there’s no one else to blame, you know it’s your fault, and you know you have to make the hard choices to fix it.”

I realize you may not struggle with weight, heck you could be the most perfect person on the planet, but for those of us who have problems, this just sucks. The day you wake up and realize the only person to blame for your problems is you. Whether you are CEO of credit union, a marketer or a teller, who are you blaming for your problems? Is it time to fess up and say, “I’m the only one to blame!” I admit this is a tough step, but a necessary one. Once you admit there is an issue, the fun starts. I call it fun, because I love changes and I love making things better. If you acknowledge you have staffing issues, let’s work to fix those issues. If your marketing sucks, regroup, refocus and make it awesome.

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