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“The only thing standing between you and outrageous success is continuous progress.” — Dan Waldschmidt, business strategist

Often during our marketing calls, a credit union leader will stress the importance of boosting team engagement. Be it for better performance, numbers, or more cohesion on the team they always seem the ask the same question – “What can we do to get our teams to improve?”. Well, I have the answer and honestly, it’s not hard. It just takes consistency, intention, and meaning.

As a credit union leader, you know that engaged employees are key to a successful organization. Engaged employees are committed to their work, more productive, and provide better member service. According to a Gallup study, highly engaged teams achieve a 21% increase in profitability compared to teams with low engagement levels.

So, what is the single most effective way to increase team engagement in your credit union? The answer is clear: focus on employee recognition.


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