Recruit and retain talent top talent with training and development

Let’s take a snapshot of the American labor market from March 2022: The number of unfilled job positions had just reached a record 11.5 million; 4.5 million employees quit their jobs; and demand for workers far outpaced supply, forcing many companies to raise wages and enhance benefits to entice talent. Though there are signs the job market is slowing very slightly, we are still very much in a candidate’s market.

With the labor situation showing no signs of cooling off, employee engagement is going to play a key role in helping organizations attract and retain top-notch employees. One way to boost engagement is to provide ample training and development opportunities within your company. Consider the following statistics here and throughout the post:

  • 74% of employees feel they aren’t reaching their full potential at work due to a lack of development opportunities.
  • 76% of millennials believe professional development opportunities are one of the most important aspects of company culture.


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