Relationships key to success

Bonds with fellow board members, CEO allow progress, refinement.

Relationships are a critical ingredient to the credit union’s success: the relationship the board establishes with the CEO and the relationships board members form among each other.

Professionalism and a mutual respect for roles are the foundation for good relationships. The CEO should recognize the board wants to ensure the credit union’s safety and soundness and that it serves members’ best interests. The board must respect that the CEO is responsible for producing and executing the strategies that deliver results and meet members’ best interests, says Jeff Rendel, president of Rising Above Enterprises.

Good relationships create an environment where everyone feels comfortable talking about issues.

“Both parties want to make certain the credit union succeeds, and this involves a productive working relationship,” Rendel says. “While differences may emerge, there will always be areas of common ground and agreement. Good relationships allow for continued progress while addressing areas for refinement.”


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