Relationships key to supervisory committee role

Ancin Cooley, left, discusses his presentation with a conference attendee.

Ancin Cooley, principal of Synergy Credit Union Consulting, offered attendees several “outside-the-box” job responsibilities during his general session at the 2022 CUNA Supervisory Committee & Internal Audit Conference Tuesday in Las Vegas.

Four responsibilities are:

  1. Develop deep relationships and perspectives. Relationships are a two-sided coin. Cooley says that many supervisory committees end up resigning because of constant pushback from management and the board. He says member-elected supervisory committees tend to speak with a louder voice. “When you whittle it down and get away from all the guidance what it really comes down to is relationships,” Cooley says. “In the end, all of our findings needed to be communicated pragmatically and with emotional intelligence to come up with win-win solutions.”


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