Remote work tips for the new “digital warrior” era of employees

Normally, it can be difficult to recognize major societal shifts as they’re happening. The smartphone revolution, for example, evolved as cell phone technology improved in the early 2000s. As a society adjusting to the new possibilities of internet connectivity, we collectively began downloading apps, communicating on different platforms, and finding new ways to connect from our devices. In the past decade, we’ve even begun incorporating smart technology into our homes and cars. Although the days of the early internet aren’t too far in the past, this shift was still relatively gradual.

Then came the coronavirus. A year ago this month, COVID-19 introduced us to a series of rapid adjustments—the like of which we had never experienced before. From transitioning to working from home and setting up e-learning environments for our kids, to ordering groceries online and having family gatherings over Zoom, the pandemic affected nearly every facet of our lives.

Welcome to the Era of the Digital Warrior

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of living through such unprecedented disruptions is the fact that we’ve managed to adjust to all of the upheavals. Armed with digital technology, we’ve been able to battle a global pandemic while largely carrying on with our lives. In short, we’ve adapted to living in a post-coronavirus world.


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