Remote workforce information security tips

Working from home presents a whole new host of unique information security risks. Although being at home can tend to make people more lax about important information security habits, this is actually a time when we will need to be even morevigilant than usual, as cyber criminals look to take advantage of vulnerabilities.

What can you do to help protect your company, employees, and clients from exposures? In this blog post, we’ll discuss important information security tips and reminders to aid business leaders in ensuring that their sensitive data stays safe and protected.

Think before you click

Be aware that the COVID-19 pandemic presents a prime opportunity for cyber criminals. Criminals continue to take advantage of those seeking information on coronavirus, as they leverage malware campaigns that imitate reputable sources like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), or your local public health service. The impersonators will ask your employees to click on links or download materials such as outbreak maps, so it is important to remind your remote workers to think before they act. Consider sending out a companywide communication alerting employees about the importance of going straight to the source for information and updates by visiting only reputable websites. If you or any of your employees think they may be the subject of a phishing attempt to obtain sensitive information, be sure to have them alert your security team at once.


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