Resilient leaders essential to moving credit unions—and their communities—forward

Leadership development is not a luxury, especially in challenging times.

By their very nature, credit unions foster resilience in their members by reinvesting profits back into communities to create thriving local economies. But in a post-pandemic world experiencing more disruption than ever, from both natural disasters and human-made sources, leaders must prioritize building resilience at the individual and organizational levels in order to safeguard staff, members and communities for the long term.

Credit union executives today are judged on how they face adversity, but for resilient executives, success is defined as much by the journey as the solution.

“One of the things that I’ve learned in coaching CEOs from around the world is that when boards of directors are analyzing CEO replacements or CEO candidates, they don’t look for candidates who have had no obstacles,” says Caroline Adams Miller, best-selling author of Getting Grit and speaker on successful goal-setting. “They look for the candidates who have weathered change and who have weathered upsets, disappointments and challenges like the coronavirus pandemic, and have actually made mistakes, but then are resilient enough to learn from them.”


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