Rulemaking Agendas – Upcoming initiatives and NCUA’s Appraisals Rule

Twice a year, the Office of Management and Budget, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs issues an updated agenda for various federal regulators. The most recent versions were published in May 2018, and indicate a regulator’s pending rulemaking actions for the next several months, classifying rulemaking by status (pre-rule, proposed rule, final rule, etc.). The rulemaking agendas can be a bit of a glimpse into the future, for example here’s what the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (the bureau) published:

Screen shot of the CFPB's Spring Rulemaking Agenda, linked above

Note that ongoing proposal initiatives include HMDA (notice of proposed rulemaking anticipated in early 2019), Regulation P (implementing a statute from late 2016), debt collection, payday lending, and Regulation CC.


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