Santa’s chocolate chip cookies…with no chocolate chips?

Confession: I’m not a sweets person. Walk me past a bakery and my expression remains unchanged. Walk me past a Starfleet Transporter pad, different story. The free Godiva monthly chocolate? Don’t use it. So, it might seem odd for me to be writing an article about cookies. Let’s just assume they are baked by my dear friend Lauren over at Dive for Sciencehers are worth eating.

Like a moth to a lightbulb. Distractions…and, I’m back.

What in the world does a warm, gooey treat have to do with credit union productivity? Both are delicious? Well, yes? Both can make you gain weight? No, that doesn’t seem right.

It’s all about your recipe and the baking.

If you’re preparing chocolate chip cookies and you leave out chocolate chips, what do you have?

Exactly. You have plain cookies. Are they tasty? Perhaps. Do they elicit the same frenzied charge at the still-hot baking pan as fingers are stained with melted chocolate? Of course not.

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