Secrets to connecting with your audience via video with CU Grow’s Jonathan Lay

by. Mike Lawson

OK, I admit I am a biased audience when it comes to video. I think it’s an ideal tool to capture the emotion and human element of a story because of the visual connection. It’s powerful and effective. With online video technology only getting better and better, I think it’s a no-brainer to include in any CU marketer’s tool chest. And the good news is increasingly more credit unions are incorporating video into their marketing efforts. But there are still far, far more that haven’t.

To light a fire under those who haven’t and to give a leg up to those who have, I invited CU Grow’s Chief Content Officer (and videomeister) Mr. Jonathan Lay on the show to share his cinematography expertise and experiences. In our brief discussion, we talked about why more credit unions aren’t using video, what are some perceived hurdles, and what kind of messaging should a credit union focus on when venturing down the video road. Jonathan even shared a few credit unions that are doing superlative work with their productions — which could serve as perfect examples for those who have their toes over the edge and getting ready to dive in.

There are tons of practical takeaways in this episode for credit unions — or any organization for that matter. Many thanks for Mr. Lay’s sage advice. And, most importantly, we would also like to know how you’re working with video and the results you have experienced. Could be some helpful information for others out there.

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