Set yourself to auto-update

How often do we just get drawn in to one project after another, not having an opportunity to step back and say, “let’s see how this all fits together”?

When your phone or computer gets stuck doing the same thing, churning away with no results, first we restart, then we clamor for an update. In fact, that’s what most of the updates you install are intended to correct; bugs encountered during normal use.

What is a bug? Without going into the technical, it is simply a situation, reproducible or not, when the system does not perform as intended by the user (who is following proper instructions). Naturally, when we can narrow down exactly what causes it to happen, we can more easily work to fix it.

Doesn’t that sound familiar? Ever find yourself doing the same thing, over and over, and just not getting the results you intended?

You need an update.

Even if you don’t have the time, force yourself to stop what you’re doing and take a look at the results. Are they what you hoped? If not, why? What can you change to edge closer to your goals?

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