Should you buy your own ATM or choose a turn-key option?

In today’s competitive retail landscape, providing convenient services to customers is essential for success. One such service that has become a staple expectation for consumers is access to in-store ATMs. These cash dispensing machines not only provide consumers with easy access to cash, they also drive foot traffic and increase in-store spending.

However, for retailers, the decision to own and operate ATMs themselves comes with a multitude of challenges and responsibilities. Alternatively, choosing a turn-key ATM placement option offers a hassle-free solution that can alleviate many of these burdens.

Let’s delve deeper into why a turn-key option might be the smarter choice for retailers.

Meeting customer expectations

ATMs have evolved from being a mere convenience to a necessity for consumers. Statistics show that the average ATM completes a staggering 300 transactions per month. Moreover, regular ATM users visit these machines 8 to 10 times during that time, often resulting in around 20% of the withdrawn amount being spent within the store premises. By offering ATM services, retailers not only attract customers but also encourage additional spending – boosting revenue.


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