Social media steps from a credit union POV with Actors FCU’s Steven Sobotta and Max Weinstein


Everyday we are bombarded with “gurus” discussing the pros and cons of social media. It seems to rain down on us perpetually until we’re so saturated we just can’t take it anymore. Much of the information, however, is quite useful, but there’s just as much that’s either outdated, too technical, or just misses the mark for credit unions.

So what about hearing from the people that actually use it and can provide results? Well, we have a couple of those folks on CUbroadcast — Actors Federal Credit Union’s Steven Sobotta and Max Weinstein. Steven and Max joined us to discuss their social media experiences from the credit union perspective. They are by no means vaunted experts in this field — who is? But they are using many social media networks effectively and are here to provide you with their take on how it has impacted their credit union. After all, their credit union is knee deep in the entertainment industry — which is also well-entrenched in social media. So they might know a thing or two. You’ll be surprised by a few of their answers; I know I was. Many thanks for Steven and Max for being on the show and providing some practical and candid content for credit unions out there looking for some first-hand info and advice. Enjoy the show!

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