Specialized strategic planning software

If your credit union tracks its strategy with a spreadsheet, check this out.

It’s costing you money to stick with the status quo.

According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, 67 percent of well-formulated strategic plans fail. Unfortunately, there’s a correlation between organizations that don’t achieve their goals and the number of companies that still use Excel or another spreadsheet to develop, implement, track and monitor their strategic plans.

If your credit union is part of this group still using Excel, you’re not alone. According to The Planning Survey done by BARC Research, Excel is still the most widely used software for planning. However, of the 86 percent of organizations in the world that use Excel for planning, well over half of those users are not satisfied with the software, and only a quarter of users would recommend it to others. Why continue to use a tool you know doesn’t work, but still expect better results next year?


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