Start Working on Your 2013 Intern Program Now

By Theresa Witham

Does your credit union work with interns? An internships program can be so beneficial to all involved: students, credit union employees and the Credit Union as a whole.

Bringing in college (or even high school students) to do real work in the credit union can help train future employees. Plus when you are recruiting at school campuses, it gets your CU’s name in front of the coveted Gen Y demographic.

The intern gains valuable work experience while the CU gets extra help. (But be careful with unpaid vs. paid internship programs. Read more in this CUES Skybox post I wrote.)

Plus an internship program can help provide leadership training to high potential employees who could someday move up in your organization. Pairing interns with those employees is a great way for an employee without any supervisory experience to try out that role.

If you are interested in working with interns, check out the African-American Credit Union Coalition’s program. The goal of the program is to “promote awareness and opportunities for African American students attending colleges and universities of the benefits of working in a credit union environment.”

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