Starting with the basics: A toolkit for accidental leaders

Welcome back to the show, everyone. Join me in this episode as I dive into the intricacies of leading through change and fear. Joined by first-time podcast guest Denise Hackendahl, Executive Director for Inspire Culture, we unpack the challenges leaders face while trying to navigate comfort zones and push into new territories.

Denise also shares insightful thoughts on her experiences in managing organizational culture, nurturing new leaders, and emphasizing HR’s critical role in shaping a successful working environment.

Broaden your understanding on the significance of brushing up on your HR 101 knowledge to ensure your leadership remains well-rounded and effective! Get set to uncover the secret ingredient in fostering a supportive environment, promoting professional growth, and masterfully balancing the challenge of leadership with personal life!

Tune in to this episode to hear about inspiring leadership legacies and how introspection can reboot your leadership journey, even amid chaos. You won’t want to miss this!


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