Stay focused on growth with these traits

How do leaders ensure consistent growth for their companies? There’s no easy answer; success has many influences. Ultimately, though, strong management helps businesses effectively address any challenges facing your organization.

A recent article from McKinsey & Companyexplores findings from surveys and interviews with C-suite executives to determine common traits of “growth leaders.” These traits are worth some consideration and reflection – especially as we prepare for an economic downturn – to determine whether you and your company will keep growing.

Here they are:

  1. Be all in. “Growth is priority number one, two, and three,” said one president featured in the research. Growth leaders see opportunity everywhere, and are willing to put resources and strategy into action. But the head of an organization can’t be the only one committed to growth – this vision needs to be effectively communicated to employees, stakeholders, and members/customers to ensure all are working toward the same goal.


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