Steps to ‘Managing and Leading Well’ with NAFCU’s Dan Berger and Anthony Demangone

With today’s continual mass exodus of credit union presidents and CEOs, good leaders are sometimes are to come by. It’s crucial for credit unions to seek out those quality leaders to foster the industry’s recent success for future generations. It’s an important time for credit unions.

With that in mind, NAFCU President & CEO Dan Berger and Executive Vice President & COO Anthony Demangone have written a timely book entitled, “Managing and Leading Well: It Ain’t Rocket Science, But It’s Still Hard Work!” Berger and Demangone’s book covers a myriad of established leadership topics complemented with their experienced spins at the end of each chapter. It’s a book loaded with practical advice on which many of today’s industry up-and-coming leaders may need a refresher to ensure the success of their organizations.

Topics such as Teamwork and Collaboration, Trust, Accountability, Having Fun, Time Management, and achieving a Balanced Life make this a read brimming with practical takeaways and relatable anecdotes for all of us. It won’t take you more than an afternoon or a weekend to finish, but there will be many dog-earred pages for sure. So as the summer winds down prior to our last sprint to the year’s end, now may be a good time to spend an afternoon in the hammock engaging in some helpful tips and tricks on “Managing and Leading Well.” Enjoy the show!

Managing and Leading Well: It Ain’t Rocket Science, But It’s Still Hard Work!

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