Stop for joy

A personal note from Bo as we wrap up 2022

Joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

What brings you great pleasure and happiness? That answer is different for each of us, and it likely will evolve over time.

Where do we find our joy? How do we keep it?

In the study of Stoicism, Seneca writes of joy:

“It comes from a good conscience, from honorable purposes, from right actions, from contempt of the gifts of chance, from an even and calm way of living which treads but one path…There are only a few who control themselves and their affairs by a guiding purpose; the rest do not proceed; they are merely swept along, like objects afloat in a river. And of these objects, some are held back by sluggish waters and are transported gently; others are torn along by a more violent current; some, which are nearest the bank, are left there as the current slackens; and others are carried out to sea by the onrush of the stream. Therefore, we should decide what we wish, and abide by the decision.”


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