Strengthening community connections amid the coronavirus

There’s no getting around it—these are scary and stressful times. As we stay at home watching a daily litany of news surrounding the impact of COVID-19, it’s hard not to let anxiety creep in. Widespread social distancing measures have worked to slow the spread of the virus, but they have also left many of us feeling cut off from our communities of support during these unprecedented times.

While the weight of that separation can be difficult, it makes coming together and finding ways to strengthen our communities that much more imperative, and people everywhere are rising to the challenge.

In Atlanta, neighbors and families are rising up and showing their support for the healthcare workers dedicating themselves to fighting on the front lines of the pandemic by cheering from their balconies every evening.

Broaden your community connections

Now more than ever, community connection is important. Research from RWIFsuggests that “individuals who feel a sense of security, belonging, and trust in their community have better health. People who don’t feel connected are less inclined to act in healthy ways or work with others to promote well-being for all.”


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