Students teach this valuable marketing lesson

recent study * conducted by Brigham Young University finds that when it comes to learning, print materials are superior to their digital counterparts. 74% of students surveyed indicated they learn better from print and 99% report that when trying to study on an electronic device, they are distracted by e-mails, social media and web surfing.

If print is superior to electronic formats when it comes to education, the same principle would apply to marketing communication, which is essentially a form of education.

Whether it is to convey a brand promise or convince a reader why a product or service is superior to the competition, marketing is about education.   Yes it’s education crafted out of an expressed interest, but the goal is still to deliver knowledge.

I learn best without any distractions, but it’s a crowded, flashy world wide web out there. While viewing any given web page, I’m just a nanosecond away from shifting my attention to a banner ad or to an alert indicating I’ve received a new message.

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