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“I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” – Superman

Superheroes are figures who rise to the occasion in times of emergency or crisis. By that definition, we are surrounded by a league of credit union heroes who’ve demonstrated Herculean abilities to get the job done – serving members, employees, and their communities at large – in the face of the Corona-crisis, no matter the setbacks. 

The characteristics exemplified by our credit union heroes have much in common with Marvel’s and DC Comic’s superhero legends.

Iron Man 

Channeling his genius and appetite for constant innovation, Tony Stark created high-tech solutions to solve his problems, most notably the armor that transforms him into Iron Man. He constantly revised his suit of armor to improve upon the design. He even built specialized armor for certain situations and created a helmet to give him 360-degree vision. Iron Man’s technological prowess knew no bounds. 

This type of tech-savvy sets our credit union elite apart from the rest. Whether old pros or quick learners, embracing technology – especially experimenting with and quickly deploying new solutions – has been critical to enabling credit unions to meet member needs and address the sudden challenges of “work from home.” 

Much like Iron Man and his 360-degree vision helmet, many institutions have benefited from CRM platforms that integrate all systems, so employees have a 360-degree view of all member data – no matter where they are. Equally as important as being able to thrive in a digital remote environment is coaching others on how to use the technology.

Wonder Woman 

“Because no matter how small an act of kindness or generosity or simple positivity you put out into the world, it will make a difference.”

In an era of confusion, chaos, and contempt, Wonder Woman offers a necessary symbol of strength through compassion. She speaks often of love for fellow man and exhibits a passionate desire to relieve suffering. What better role model for empathy than her willingness to help others in need? It’s that same empathy we’ve seen modelled day-in and day-out by each and every one of our credit union heroes. 

The “Corona-villain” has brought so many hardworking people to their knees. Our steadfast credit union leaders have consistently provided a strong shoulder of emotional support for members to lean on; a compassionate ear to listen to their stories and challenges; and a willingness to share their tears. These front-line heroes truly care about the financial outcome(s) of each individual and have been there to help distraught members uncover aid and decipher new digital tools.

Spider Man 

Your friendly neighborhood superhero, Spider Man, chose to use his amazing arachnid abilities to help others, rather than for personal gain. Altruistic and big-hearted, he’s loyal to his friends and family. He is extremely resourceful and creates the tools he needs to get the job done, such as building his own web-shooting devices. 

Our league of credit union greats is driven by a common mission to serve their local communities – preceded by reputation as people the community can count on. They seek to understand their members’ most pressing issues – constantly listening and watching to validate crucial priorities – rolling out unique solutions, custom-created to meet those needs.


To quote Batman, “the most important weapon in your arsenal will be your ability to adapt.”  

No Marvel character better represents this superpower than the villainous shapeshifter, Mystique. And while we may not want to adopt some of her evil machinations, Mystique’s abilities to alter her body, voice, and appearance to adjust to different situations is analogous to the tremendous adaptability demonstrated by our real-life credit union superheroes.

COVID has broken down some of the rigid constraints of work in the branch. Our heroes are leading the charge as roles change and jobs are deconstructed and reorganized for a remote environment. Employees are having to adapt their mindsets to working with different personalities, cross-training, and developing broader skill sets. 

Captain America

An ideal leader, shrewd decision-maker, and sound strategist, Captain America’s charisma and foresight has made him the obvious choice to lead nearly every super team he’s ever been a part of. He makes his decisions based on his belief of what is right and is unarguably the most patriotic hero in the Marvel Universe. 

This same leadership attribute and motivation to act in the best interest of members is shared by all of our credit union heroes. When the “Corona-villain” appeared on the scene, there were employees across all levels of institutions who set themselves apart by facing this novel challenge head-on. Shouldering the responsibility for preserving financial security, they operated in the best interest of their communities, earning their rightful place in the league of credit union superheroes.

Who’s Your Superhero?

Nominate your credit union hero to join our super team in a championship of epic proportions. The Right on the Money contest celebrates credit unions and their employees who’ve gone above-and-beyond to support members and communities amidst unprecedented circumstances. Visit to submit your hero.

Superhero Rap Battle from CRMNEXT on Vimeo.

Emily Thomson

Emily Thomson

Emily Thomson is the director of marketing strategy at CRMNEXT, a leading CRM solution for credit unions. She is well versed in all things banking and branding, and has spent ... Web: Details