Tackling HR with enterprise content management

The human resources department has to deal with a difficult combination of paper, compliance and records management. These challenges are accompanied by security concerns and any number of regulatory requirements, depending on your organization’s mission and size.

Managing personnel records is just one of the many key responsibilities in HR departments. Often, the burden of paper – filing, printing, copying, shredding – overwhelms other tasks. Information is trapped in paper and hard to retrieve quickly. Providing convenient, yet secure, file storage consumes more and more space with each employee’s tenure. And improperly filed documents can mean audit or legal repercussions.


HR departments are also obligated to maintain staff credentials, providing timely training and certifications and ensuring compliance with internal policies. Add this to the need to test staff for their understanding of policy changes, new legal mandates or other responsibilities, and the burdens of managing a paper-based HR system results in far too much time spent pushing paper.

With such a dependency on paper, it’s logical to explore enterprise content management (ECM) to re-point your HR staff toward the critical work they do for your organization.

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