Digital transformation or digital optimisation: A journey versus a starting point

There’s a lot of noise in high places. Senior executives are asking questions. They’re demanding answers.

What are they talking about?

Digital transformation.

It’s important, because Europe is currently operating at only 12 percent of its digital potential, while the U.S. is operating at 18 percent, according to the McKinsey Global Institute’s Industry Digitization Index.

Confusion reigns.

The reason there is so much perplexity is that, quite simply, somewhere along the way, digital transformation has mutated into a multi-headed monster that now encompasses many disciplines: Consulting, virtualisation, Agile, process automation, etc. With this mutation, the clarity of the real meaning of the concept of digital transformation has been lost. I believe businesses and senior executives are confusing, quite reasonably, the difference between digital transformation and digital optimisation.

Let’s explore further.


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