The 5 people who make you better

Three things that will positively improve your life: 

  1. The right people.
  2. The right people.
  3. The right people.

When I posted this on social media, it got a huge response.

Then, something curious happened. My DMs on LinkedIn and Instagram blew up with tons of messages.

All of them essentially said the same thing: “I agree with you! The right people make all the difference. But, who are the right people?”

Great question. What we’re talking about is building our own team. Our very own personal board of directors if you will. I like to call these people who make us better, Allies of Glory.

Allies are the people with a unique set of skills and expertise who encourage you, inspire you, empower you, challenge you, positively hold you accountable, and push you to be the absolute best version of yourself.

There’s a reason CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, and athletes work with coaches and surround themselves with people who make them better: objectivity. Allies can see from an objective and unbiased point of view what you’re likely to miss. Often, our family and friends can’t play this role for us because they’re too close and anything but objective.

The good news is that odds are you already have Allies in your network. It’s your job to identify them and to stay in regular contact with them, sharing updates, developments, thank-yous, setbacks, and achievements. This is how you get them vested in your success.

When it comes to finding the right allies, look for a combination of well-lived expertise and experience. If you select your Allies carefully, many of them will have been there, done that on issues that matter to you. Others will be hungry and eager to start making things happen.

To be clear, Allies don’t necessarily have to be people you consider friends—but they can be. Sure, the relationships may evolve into friendships, but many of your allies may begin as mentors, colleagues, friends of friends, coaches that you pay, professors, pastors, and beyond.

I recommend having at least five Allies in your life. A good way to look at these men and women is like the starting five of a basketball team. Each ally has a unique role to play.

Here are the key types of people I’ve found to work as perfect Allies for me and with my coaching clients:

The Encourager. This ally does the work that many don’t see. But when they’re around, you always seem to be at your best. During tough spells, they support you with perspective and their unwavering commitment.

The Playmaker. This ally is often in the midst of making great things happen. When you need a jolt of creativity, energy, or motivation, they are your person. They move fast and don’t have patience for indecision. They remind you that if you miss a shot, just keep shooting.

The Facilitator. This ally sees the big picture and supports you in managing the flow of information. They’re good at knowing when you can speed things up or slow
things down. In short, they can see things that you can’t. They’re a great connector and provide sound guidance.

The Rock. This ally is the veteran. When all hell is breaking loose, they help you remember what’s most important and provide you with perspective. You need them to keep you grounded and supported while they provide valuable alignment and vision related to your goals.

The Bruiser. A bruiser holds you accountable for what you said you were going to do. If you tell them you’re writing a book, they’ll ask questions like “When will it be finished?” They are metrics-based and measure success by the progress you do or don’t make.

It’s important to remember that your allies aren’t always going to be your best friends. You probably won’t talk to them daily. But when it’s time to play ball, they’ll bring out the best in you every time.

Bottom-line: Don’t be afraid to work with the best. Surround yourself with greatness as much as you can.

No one who has accomplished anything of significance did it alone. Neither should you.

Antonio Neves

Antonio Neves

Antonio Neves is the founder of Allies of Glory (a private membership community for professionals), author of Stop Living on Autopilot, host of The Antonio Neves Show, and a top ... Web: Details