The art of keeping employees excited

I like to say that I have the best job in Washington, D.C. – heck, maybe the entire world. I love my organization, our mission and the mission of our members. But not everyone feels this way about their job, and that probably rings more true the farther down in your ranks you go.

How can you keep your employees – no matter what stage of their career they’re in – excited about their job? And how can you do this before motivation is lost?

Leadership guru Dan Rockwell shares four questions leaders can ask to energize employees:

  1. What is your contribution? It’s important that all employees feel appreciated for the work they contribute to your organization. Part of that is managers recognizing their efforts, and another part is them recognizing it themselves.
  2. What are you great at? Reflecting on and acknowledging our own strengths are important for self-confidence. It’s also a great booster to hear your manager share where they think your strengths lie. To further capitalize on these, make sure you’re creating an environment that encourages personal and professional development.


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