The biggest cybersecurity threats of the year and how to stay protected

Over the past year, the digital landscape has been a battleground for attacks cybersecurity threats, creating a sense of vulnerability and urgency for organizations. Adlumin’s dedicated threat research and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) teams have been at the forefront of detecting and combating these threats, witnessing firsthand the havoc they have wreaked across countless sectors.  

With ransomware groups and adversaries still on the rise and continually refining their techniques, organizations must remain vigilant and prepared for the malicious activities that lie ahead.  

As we enter the new year, we are shedding light on the top ransomware groups and emerging threats that demand our attention and resilience.

Ransomware group spotlights


BianLian is a versatile cybercriminal group that has expanded its tactics beyond ransomware attacks. They employ advanced techniques such as customized malware, targeted phishing, and zero-day exploit usage. The group’s expertise is in evading antivirus systems and exploiting unknown software vulnerabilities.


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