The cold reality of the new year

The holidays brought laughter by the fireplace, warm desserts, and the joyous sounds of caroling. But lurking outside in the frigid cold, after the tree is put away and before the first credit card bill comes, winter is preparing a surprise for your members: Unforeseen car troubles threaten to cast a dark shadow over the recent festivities.

To be fair, car woes can affect your members at any time, but winter can be especially tough for vehicle owners. Between paying for incurred holiday expenses and drastic temperature changes that negatively impact car performance, staying road-ready can take a toll on budgets at the most inopportune time. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why your members need extra protection this season and how you can offer it.

The rising age and cost of vehicles

There has been an increase in Americans who choose to keep and drive older vehicles. The average vehicle age has risen to 12.5 years, making 2023 the sixth straight year that this average has increased.


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