The connection between deposit-to-loan ratio, consumer retention, & data

Trying to boost your deposit-to-loan ratio? Look to the data

A recent BAI report noted that financial institutions (FIs) nationwide are prioritizing deposit growth this year. But that’s nothing new—FIs are constantly trying to boost deposits. What is new, however, are the circumstances FIs must navigate to achieve that desired growth: evolving interest-rate policy, inflation concerns, and a fintech sector that’s rapidly increasing the number of financial transactions it can offer consumers alongside convenient functionalities.

These factors can make growing and retaining business a challenge—and that, in turn, makes data more crucial than ever to ensuring your FI comes out ahead of the competition.

Diving into your FI’s data helps you better understand your consumers’ needs so you can act on them with speed and relevance, reducing the likelihood of attrition or abandonment and, as a result, enabling your FI to boost its deposit-to-loan ratio by securing those critical revenue streams.


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