The Consumer Isn’t a Moron, She Is Your Wife

by Bo McDonald

We recently posted a graphic on our Facebook page with a quote from advertising great David Ogilvy:

“The consumer isn’t a moron, she is your wife.”

How could several words that seem unimportant cause such a kerfuffle among a creative team? Because it’s one of those things that sends a chill up your spine and it convicts you of being guilty as soon as you hear it. It did me.

Sometimes it’s easy for us “creatives” to overthink the ads we write and produce. We use some slick language; find a nice picture of the perfect family that fits the target demographics we set out to reach in last year’s planning session. However, when you complete each ad, ask yourself, if I took this home and presented it to my spouse to buy this product or use this service, would I feel comfortable with it? Do I feel like this is in his or her best interest, and speaks to them like a fellow human?

You’ll be amazed at how many times you’ll go back to the drawing board if you run your ideas through Ogilvy’s simple words.

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