The CU lagniappe and Baby Bea

I don’t know about you, but some days it’s hard not to let political nastiness and cultural polarization get me down. If it weren’t for important connections, I’d probably unplug from most social media – but I hang in there, and I’m glad that I do. Somewhere between posts from the angry right and the outraged left, there are happy things that –if we’re looking for them – can lift us up.  Here are a couple of recent experiences that lifted me up, made me smile, and helped me remember that there is a lot of good in the world.

Mrs. Betty

Two weeks ago, I found myself with the Magnolia Federal Credit Union team facilitating their strategic planning meeting on the Gulf Coast. If you spend any time at all in credit union social media circles, you know MFCU’s CEO Michael Waylett. As you can imagine, there were a lot of great strategic conversations and some deep laughs. During our planning meeting, I met Mrs. Betty, MFCU’s energetic Board Chair. Mrs. Betty went out of her way to make me feel welcome, and took great care to share her perspective on what makes MFCU different (and better). During our vision and mission conversation, Mrs. Betty didn’t miss a beat when she explained her belief that MFCU existed, “to create a little more good in the world.”

Mrs. Betty’s comments resonated with me, and they lifted me up. I believe that when credit unions are at their best, they are creating a little more good in the world. I get to watch as so many of our credit union clients pursue inspiring community development missions focused on making the lives of their members, employees, and their communities a better place.

Later that evening, our group dinner was at the restaurant Louisiana Lagniappe. I had never heard the word “lagniappe” before. Mrs. Betty explained that the word means, “giving a little extra.” How perfect! Lagniappe perfectly describes MFCU’s philosophy of giving a little extra to create a little more good in its part of the world. During our two days together, l learned firsthand all the extra things MFCU’s team does to make the lives of its members and the communities it serve a much better place.

My time with MFCU energized me and reminded me that in a world that can’t seem to get along, there’s a lot of good out there. The great examples of selfless service are inspiring and as credit union people, we need to share more of the good that we do.

Baby Bea Young

Another moment that recently shifted my attention away from the finger pointing and shaming on social media was the picture of Robbie Young (Director of Partner Relations at introducing her Baby Bea to her extensive credit union family. That picture of Robbie and Baby Bea at the pinnacle of happiness – well it just made me smile and remember that there’s abundant joy to be found in the world, we just need to look for it and savor it when we find it.

Why it matters

When it comes to feeling inundated with negativity, I don’t think I’m alone. Some people (I wish there were more) are tired of the vitriol and are looking to find something uplifting. Credit union marketers might consider what their members (and potential members) are having to read through daily on social media, and consider adding content feeds that will help people smile, laugh, or lift their spirits. This is an amazing time for credit union people to fill social media feeds with happy and inspiring news.

I’m with Mrs. Betty, let’s each try to make a little more good in the world.

Scott Butterfield

Scott Butterfield

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