The CUInsight Experience podcast: Jon Hernandez – Moving forward (#124)

“Let’s give everybody an opportunity.” - Jon Hernandez

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My guest on today’s show is Jon Hernandez, President & CEO at CalCom, Mattel, Nikkei, and Mabuhay credit unions. In this episode, we discuss ideas around collaboration, strategy execution, complementary niche markets, and developing professional talent and teams. Originally, a teenage Jon set his eyes on being a stockbroker, but he entered the credit union space after he met a chairman of a credit union. Now, Jon is leading multiple credit union teams while taking care of communities that have unique service needs.

Identifying and retaining good talent is a skill on its own. Jon is known by his peers for developing great talent within his teams that become strong contributors to the credit union space as a whole. In this episode, he explains his professional development style, and what he pays attention to when interacting with new talent. Much of his approach relies on a gut feeling, but challenging people and responding to their development as an individual are also an important part of the process.

Jon believes credit unions can truly move forward if their teams don’t get distracted by what’s impossible. In our discussion, Jon takes time to share the details of a special credit union project. Jon explains why focus groups played a crucial role in his work segmenting membership type. By helping board members understand how their actions benefit the communities they represent, everyone has an opportunity to receive the best credit union services. Enjoy my conversation with Jon Hernandez!

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In This Episode:
[02:14] – Jon Hernandez discusses how he uses his gut feeling and early-career lessons to pick out great talent for his teams.
[04:18] – Maintain and retain talent by acknowledging their unique paths as individuals.
[06:32] – Is there a certain time that leaders should get to know their team members?
[08:54] – Jon focuses on making a difference, and highlighting members in the local communities.
[11:11] – Competition in the industry seems tough. Jon uses data to show that credit unions are not actually in competition with each other.
[13:43] – Listen to Jon talk about the strategy of targeting specific local communities, which helps his teams stand out in the industry.
[15:57] – Jon breaks down the numbers for targeting local communities through Nikkei and Mabuhay as two specialities under one brand.
[18:23] – How much did the method of emphasizing membership audience type pay off?
[21:10] – Jon explains why focus groups played a crucial role in validating and communicating the idea of emphasizing membership audience type.
[23:55] – Jon says that he doesn’t overthink who he connects with so that he doesn’t limit himself.
[26:48] – How can credit unions stay relevant?
[28:23] – Jon encourages credit unions to involve their board in the training budget.
[29:31] – Help board members understand how their actions benefit the communities they are representing.
[30:09] – What was Jon’s first CEO role? How did he handle not knowing what to do?
[31:59] – Jon recalls this funny line that was said to him during his first credit union conference after taking on his first CEO role.
[33:46] – Jon mentions a networking mantra he tells his team, and explains his Screen Door policy.
[36:10] – Listen to Jon talk about implementing a social media task force.
[37:54] – Jon shares memorable trouble from his high school years, including the grand theft auto story of his brother’s car.
[40:51] – These are the 80s music artists Jon remembers, and still enjoys today.
[42:43] – Jon’s dad changed his perspective of success and troubles.
[45:38] – Let’s try to help each other out, and keep moving on with what we’re doing for our members.

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