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- by Yonas Marcos, CUES Skybox

Boost your brand with event ATMs

Branding is about much more than just a company logo; it is about communication with consumers and the surrounding community. Brand reflects how we differentiate from competitors and startups. Consequently, brand awareness is one of [...]

- by CU Management

CUES measures impact of Aprio board portal

With a nine-member board and directors based in different locations across North America, CUES sought out board portal technology to ensure its board operated with optimal efficiency, engagement and security. As CUES President/CEO John [...]

- by Eric Earle, CU Management

How to right-size a SERP

A main barrier to putting in place a supplemental executive retirement/retention plan is that credit union boards don’t know how to start. How much beyond an annual salary and bonus—if anything—should [...]

- by Debbie Rayburn, CU Management

PR Insight: Making the most of industry tradeshows

As we head into colder weather, we can expect shorter days and a multitude of industry tradeshows. These tradeshows and events can be valuable tools for educational opportunities, networking with industry peers or potential partners, [...]

- by c. myers, CUES Skybox

Three financial tests your peers are running today

One of the advantages of running thousands of what-ifs for hundreds of credit unions each year is that it provides a window into what is on the minds of credit union executives. The what-if scenarios [...]

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CUES® elects 2018-2019 Board Officers

CUES has elected its board officers for 2018-2019 during its CEO/Executive Team Network™ in Nashville, TN.  Over the next year, these individuals will play a crucial role in ensuring CUES continues to operate in [...]

Cupps named 2018 CUES Next Top Credit Union Exec

Lynette Cupps, VP Organizational Development, with $1.3B MAX Credit Union in Montgomery, AL was named the 2018 CUES Next Top Credit Union Exec (NTCUE) this afternoon. Lynette’s project, how to support non-profit organizations [...]

CUES announces CUES Consulting as latest offering

CUES is pleased to announce the addition of CUES Consulting to its list of offerings provided to the credit union industry. Research shows that companies are not providing the next generation of leaders with the [...]