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- by Bill Vogeney, CU Management

Lending Perspectives: The ultimate loan officer

What makes a loan officer successful? Regardless of future advances in technology, I hope there will always be room for a great loan officer. Yes, many consumers will be able to “self-serve.” Yes, thanks to [...]

- by Jeff Rendel, CSP, CUES Skybox

‘The easy way is the only way’ and more

During a recent credit union lending conference keynote, I offered up the idea that we–for the remaining hour–retitle the meeting the “Borrowing Conference” as a way to provide focus on the member. It [...]

- by James Lenz, CUES Skybox

The risk of staying on the regular road

Why is studying the new generations of consumers so important? According to Jeff Fromm, knowing about the next generation gives businesses clues about what to expect from them. Because the members of various generations have [...]

- by Richard H. Gamble, CU Management

Trying to be a successful deposit strategist?

Share certificates are the quickest way to raise deposits as loan volume increases, according to Steve Stone, CEO of $1 billion 1st United Services Credit Union in Pleasanton, Calif., because they tend to be larger [...]

- by Peter Myers, CUES Skybox

Learning how to BE a leader

A common question that arises in our leadership development programs with executive teams or mid-level managers goes something like this: “I’ve got situation X at work. Which tool should I use to help me [...]

- by Gabe Krajicek, CU Management

A rally cry for all credit unions

Banking is important to everyone, even if your members don’t think about it every day. It’s a trust-based business; when you trust your money to someone and think about how much that means [...]

- by John Pembroke, CUES

A CEO’s guide to talent development

Talent development today is no longer solely about providing the best pay and opportunities to the top 2 percent of your staff. Instead, it’s about developing and feeding a talent strategy that readies your [...]

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CUES® rolls out new membership structure and benefits

CUES is pleased to announce the launch of a new membership structure with enhanced benefits designed to better serve the needs of its members in educating and developing credit union CEOs, executives, directors and future [...]

CUES® releases 2018 Executive Compensation Annual Report

CUES has released the 2018 Executive Compensation annual report to the industry. Credit unions were asked to participate in CUES Executive Compensation Survey and/or CUES Employee Salary Survey. The report provides insight into credit [...]

CUES welcomes Hyland as CUESolutions provider

CUES is pleased to welcome Hyland, a leading provider of software solutions to manage content, processes and cases, as a 2018 CUESolutions provider. As the only CUESolutions technology provider, Hyland’s experts will offer CUES [...]

CUES® recognizes Summer 2018 CEO institute graduates

CUES is pleased to recognize 59 credit union executives who recently completed all three years of its prestigious executive education program, CEO Institute. In addition, 36 of the graduates earned their Certified Chief Executive (CCE) [...]