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- by Jennifer Stangl, CUES Skybox

Purposeful talent development: Supporting the modern learner

Educational offerings need to check more boxes than ever before, as expectations from learners increase. In particular, demanding personal and professional schedules and technology have changed the way modern learners access professional development. With this [...]

- by Deedee Myers, CUES NTCUE

Where to find your next superstar employee

Every chief executive officer (CEO) wants superstars in his or her company. Superstars are high performers, innovative, creative, and they deliver outstanding results. Superstars are highly sought-after performers who make their managers look great. If [...]

- by Jay H. Bowden, CUES Skybox

If online learning is a given …

These days, doing professional learning online is just a given. Employees expect the chance to expand their job knowledge right at their desks. HR, compliance officers, and department managers like the planning and tracking capabilities [...]

- by Jason Hanson, CU Management

Three ways digital 401(k) improves results

Advancing digital technology continues to transform the 401(k) experience for plan sponsors and participants. If your credit union, like many, still uses mostly paper-based procedures for 401(k) enrollment and distributions, consider these three [...]

- by Eric Salzman, CU Management

CFO Focus: Equal, opposing market forces steady rates

As we approach the end of the quarter three 2018, I can honestly say that I have never attempted a financial markets forecast with so many important economic, financial market and geopolitical uncertainties. However, for [...]

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CUES® opens new membership enrollment

Enrollment is now open for the new 2019 memberships from CUES; and signing up today means increased savings and early access to its new and improved benefits! “We’ve added more benefits, more resources, and [...]

CUES® rolls out new membership structure and benefits

CUES is pleased to announce the launch of a new membership structure with enhanced benefits designed to better serve the needs of its members in educating and developing credit union CEOs, executives, directors and future [...]