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- by CU Management

5 tips for reducing workplace stress

Office stress pervades every industry at every level, causing health problems, worker inefficiency, and mental health issues that cost U.S. businesses in more ways than one. A 2016 report by Harvard University found that [...]

- by John Pembroke, CUES

Do you have alignment among your leaders?

The fact that director-level leaders and senior staff at credit unions had different perceptions of governance was evident throughout the research done for The State of CU Governance, 2018, a new report from CUES. “It [...]

- by CU Management

Inside Marketing: Weighing in on web design

The ultimate test of a website is how well it meets users’ expectations, but it’s not easy to find out what members like and don’t like about your online portal. Two credit unions [...]

- by Paul Seibert, CMC, CU Management

Facility Solutions: Your annual branch network checkup

Headquarters facilities and branches represent a large capital investment and require significant operating costs. While strategic plans guide the use of these assets, the facility manager is responsible for ensuring their efficient operation day-to-day. As [...]

- by Bill Vogeney, CU Management

CUs will feel the decline of the middle class

Earlier this year, I read some commentary about President Trump’s promise to bring back manufacturing jobs to the U.S. The analyst’s comments were something like, “Well, that’s all fine and dandy [...]

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CUES® compensation survey participation open through March

CUES is asking credit unions across the United States to participate in two important industry surveys: CUES Executive Compensation Survey and CUES Employee Salary Survey. Both are open for participation from January 1—March 31. [...]

CUES publishes strategic budgeting articles by C. Myers

C. myers corporation, a national leader in strategy and decision information, recently authored two educational articles on strategic budgeting for credit unions.  Published through CUES, a not-for-profit international membership association for credit union executives, the [...]

CUES® broadens board governance offerings with Aprio

CUES, in partnership with Aprio Inc, is bringing Aprio board portal software to its members. Aprio software is designed to make managing a board, running productive board meetings, and sharing confidential information simple and convenient. "[...]

CUES® announces Supplier Member Advisory Committee representatives

CUES announces the 2018 CUES Supplier Member Advisory Committee. Members include: Chairman: Randy Smith, co-founder/publisher, Vice-chair/Chairman-elect: Liz Santos, SVP/marketing business development, BFB Gallagher Committee member: Peter Myers, senior vice president, [...]

2017 CUES® Distinguished Director named

CUES is pleased to announce J. Marvin Hawk, CCD, board chair, Fort Knox Federal Credit Union, Radcliff, Ky., as the 2017 CUES Distinguished Director. He will be honored at CUES’ Directors Conference, December 10-13, 2017, [...]

CUES® elects 2017-2018 board officers

CUES has elected its board officers for 2017-2018 during its CEO/Executive Team NetworkTM in Las Vegas. They are: Board Chair — Kim M. Sponem CEO/President, Summit Credit Union Madison, Wis. Vice Chairman/Chairman Elect — [...]