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- by Richard H. Gamble, CU Management

Capital markets opening to credit unions

New territory is opening up for sophisticated credit unions: access to the capital markets, where long-term debts or equity-backed securities are bought and sold. Last year $2.3 billion GTE Financial, a federal credit union [...]

- by JD Pisula, CU Management

CFO Focus: More on the future of floating rates

Originally utilized in 1969, LIBOR—the London Interbank Offered Rate—was officially adopted by the British Bankers Association in 1986 as a benchmark rate and has subsequently become the global standard for the rate at [...]

- by Jeff Rendel, CUES Blog

One click to borrow?

Fifty Northwest credit union CEOs gathered last year, and the topic turned to Amazon Prime. Nearly all were members and enjoyed Amazon’s “One Click to Buy” feature. Convenient, cool and a new normal most [...]

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CUES® commits to fight racial injustice

The senseless killing of George Floyd, which led to the current social unrest, peaceful protests, and calls for change around the globe, was merely the most recent case of racial injustice, and the latest catalyst [...]