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- by Jeff Rendel, CSP, CUES Skybox

Advocacy is the key to sales

Six years ago, a now $16 billion bank began to acquire nearly 75 branches in the Western U.S. from one of the nation’s largest banks. Initially, there was a lot of deposit runoff ([...]

- by Paul Bouvier, CU Management

The 5 most common strategy execution challenges

Studies show that on average 67 percent of companies fall short in achieving their strategic goals. In the wise words of Stephen Covey, “Most leaders would agree they’d be better off having an average [...]

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Nanci Wilson, CUDE, joins CUES® as Membership Manager

CUES is pleased to announce Nanci Wilson, CUDE, has joined the team as Membership Manager. “With the launch of CUES new membership structure, our members needed an informative and personal experience to digest the opportunities [...]

CUES® welcomes CU Members Mortgage as CUESolutions provider

CUES is pleased to welcome CU Members Mortgage, a trusted mortgage lending provider, as a 2019 CUESolutions provider. CUES identifies CUESolutions providers as experts, and partners with them to showcase their thought leadership to its [...]

CUES® CEO Institute scholarship recipient selected

CUES is proud to announce, Ted Pahl, CEO of Tignish CU, Tignish, P.E., Canada is the 2019 recipient of a scholarship to attend CUES’ prestigious CEO Institute program. CEO Institute is a challenging academic [...]

Jim Hayes joins CUES® board of directors

CUES is pleased to announce, Jim Hayes, President/CEO of Andrews Federal Credit Union will join their board of directors. He will be replacing retiring board member Greg Smith, President/CEO of PSECU. “We are [...]