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- by Sam Das, CU Management

How to evaluate a fintech start-up company

The demand for innovative financial solutions is rapidly evolving. Credit unions looking to stay competitive in the market will need to adopt a culture of innovation. However, building or buying capabilities is an expensive proposition. [...]

- by Jeff Kline, CU Management

Staying ahead of the pack

How does your credit union plan for the future? Do you actively watch and interpret the shifts in our industry, society and economy? Do you incorporate any of this into your strategic planning? Without visiting [...]

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Gerry Agnes joins CUES® board of directors

CUES is pleased to welcome Gerry Agnes, President/CEO of Elevations Credit Union to its board of directors. He will be replacing retiring board member, Robert D. Ramirez, CCE, CIE, Chief Executive Officer, Vantage West [...]

CUES® 2019 Compensation Survey results now available

CUES has released its 2019 Executive Compensation Survey Executive Summary to the industry; providing insights into credit union salary and compensation trends across the country. This valuable data can be used to help credit unions [...]

CUES® recognizes 2019 CEO Institute graduates

CUES is pleased to recognize the 67 credit union executives who have recently completed the prestigious CEO Institute executive education program. Additionally, 30 of the graduates earned their Certified Chief Executive (CCE) designation, signifying their [...]

CUES® reaches new milestone with Credit Union leaders

CUES is pleased to announce that its membership now serves over 21,000 credit union leaders committed to talent development. Representing an increase of 40%, this achievement is attributed to the launch of new benefits [...]