The Email Marketing Haunted House

by Jimmy Marks

Welcome to the spoooooooky world of email marketing!

Well, no, it’s not THAT spooky. But there are plenty of scary things that you may encounter on any given campaign. Step through the doorway into our


To your left, you’ll see a freshly upturned plot of dirt. Is it a zombie? No! It’s…


These are recipients that never open any of your campaigns. Maybe they didn’t double opt-in or maybe they signed up and then forgot about it. In either case, contact those individuals at the addresses in question after a few months of no opens and see if they’re still interested in receiving emails from you. If you still get no response, mark the address as “unconfirmed” and spare yourself another tally in your “unopened” column in your campaign reporting.

Now, head toward the laboratory. Egads! A giant, hulking mass comprised of the parts of others. Is it Frankenstein’s monster? No, it’s…

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