The fallacious brand philosophy

I don’t pretend to be as eloquent a writer as the late George Carlin, but as someone who is in the credit union branding space, I’m certainly mindful of his “Advertising Lullaby.” If you’ve never heard it, it is incredibly witty bit about advertising speak – just note it gets a bit raunchy in the end (no pun intended).

Are you lulling your members to sleep with suggestions of helping people realize their dreams with excellent customer service from a dedicated local team backed by a trusted, sound financial institution? Perhaps I just recited your mission statement – one in which no one knows, understands, follows or lives by within your organization.

The truth is when we examine credit union brands that have seen the greatest success, they realize that trust, security and customer service should be a given within any financial organization. These are the expectations of every consumer. But before you point to the annual statistics about how people really hate their financial institutions, let me remind you of how deposits rose by more than 8% last year as reported by the Federal Reserve.

So, is it love or hate? Or could it be conditional love where tough times bring us together?


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