The four most common organizational challenges

As leaders, it’s important to recognize the issues your organization faces that hinder it from becoming more successful. In doing so, you’ll be able to get ahead of the curve and create a strong and efficient environment for your employees, members, and consumers.

In a recent article from John Spence, he uncovers the four biggest fundamental challenges that leaders deal with in their organizations. These include:

1. Communicating vision

Communicating your organizational vision proves to be a significant problem for organizations as it can be difficult to articulate and regurgitate for every single employee to understand the big picture. Spence highlights a time where the president of a company asked him, “When do you know you have communicated the vision well enough?” Spence responded, “When you have said it so many times, you are getting sick to your stomach; the lowest person in your organization just heard it for the first time.”


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