The future of branches: What consumers want

Tired of hearing about “new normals,” “unprecedented” changes, COVID lockdowns and regulations’ effects on our society? The truth is most of the so-called COVID shifts were already taking hold. The pandemic response merely sped up adoption – in many cases by up to ten years.

The issue most businesses are having is adjusting to the speed of change. Ten years is a long time to research, implement, train and prepare for social and technological shifts. So, when a worldwide pandemic eats up that decade, it is no wonder so many are left scrambling. Whether it is hybrid offices, remote work, online retail or self-service and mobile banking, most financial institutions don’t have the flexibility to pivot as quickly as consumers demand.

Holy Self-Service Banking, Batman!

Mobile banking is now the primary way most Millennials and Gen Z bank. There, we said it. The band-aid has been ripped off.

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