‘The Future of Credit Unions’ with Aite Group’s Ron Shevlin from the 2014 CU Water Cooler Symposium

We have a real Thanksgiving treat for you this holiday week — a guest post from Aite Group’s Ron Shevlin (via our friends at CU Water Water Cooler) on “The Future of Credit Unions.” This post is actually a recording of Ron’s presentation at the 2014 CU Water Cooler Symposium, which took place in Austin, TX, a couple months ago.

I saw Ron’s presentation live and I tell you it is well worth the review. So sit back this week and give it a watch and let it soak in as 2015 is almost upon us. And, again, many thanks to CU Water Cooler for letting us post this recording of Ron Shevlin’s “The Future of Credit Unions.” Enjoy!

Ron’s original post on CU Water Cooler…
Editor’s note: While we were able to capture Ron’s audio from his talk, we had a technical issue with the video footage. However, we feel that being able to view the slides and hear Ron is still very useful and informative.

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